How to wear the big wool sweater with style: 1 sweater 3 vintage autumn looks

Fashion / Saturday, November 16th, 2019

With the approach of winter and the drop in temperatures, the tendency to drown under a ton of hot sweaters is very tempting. And that, to the detriment of the most complete style. Although I have absolutely nothing against the normcore style and comfort, there are still possibilities to stay warm without competing with the Bibendum ! So I propose 3 examples of simple outfits with a good big winter sweater. The other pieces are vintage and second-hand, found in Paris or on the Vinted app.

The sweater

I chose a sweater of the brand Zara, dating from the time when I still dressed in fast fashion. It is wide and comfortable. It has a turtleneck that protects the throat well. And its black color allows me to wear it with anything. Since I wear it very often, I chose it for this article.

Look 1 : Classic with a little grunge twist

For this look I chose to combine the sweater with a midi skirt, pleated and buttoned on the front, and a pair of black ranger boots. I wanted a comfortable look and break the “too nice girl” side that can bring the skirt.

Look 2 : casual in jeans

For this look, I chose to wear a 90’s jeans, wide and high waist. The famous 90’s “mum jean” that has returned to fashion in recent years and which, well associated, never looks cheesy. Here the outfit is casual and comfortable.

Look 3 : evening outfit

Last look. This one applies for an evening party. The gold sequined skirt has a pencil cut, which I wear waist-high. I slipped a sweater and accessorized it with a vintage clutch. The outfit is chic and sexy. Perfect for a winter evening.

What did you think of these outfits ? Do not hesitate to tell me in comment.

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See you soon !


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