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Fashion / Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

To follow the trends, there is plenty of sources : magazines, websites, blogs and various TV shows keep us up to date with current trends in the fashion industry. But what could be better than seeing directly what the most sophisticated influencers, who are all on Instagram, wear. More accessible than the usual “street styles”, staged and captioned, Instagram has become a real resource.

In this article, I invite you to discover some trends that I have spotted in recent months, and that you may also have noticed. To be on trend, effortlessly and without breaking the bank, here is a little guide !


This is an opportunity to bring out the Blair Waldorf in you with a headband, or the least discreet headband possible. The more chic it is, the better !

Mini bags

Inspired by the tiny handbag called the Chiquito by designer Simon Jacquemus, the trend for mini bags is everywhere on internet. Often in the color block version, you will find some so small that they could not contain a cell phone.


The term maximalism is originally used in interior design. To put it simply, maximalism is the complete opposite of minimalism. It’s about making it “a little too much”, having fun with fashion and standards by layering clothes and accessories, mixing prints, playing with colors… Mastered, resulting in unique looks , original and incredibly stylish. Some fashion influencers make it their specialty. The perfect trend for those who have a lot of cupboards and are not afraid of being a little … sighted!


Comfortable and cozy, the trend can be found in all wardrobes. Sweaters, coats, pants, skirts and accessories. Think big: this year, we don’t hesitate to combine oversized pieces without fear of being drowned in our clothes.


Do you remember that episode of Sex and The City in which Carrie explains to Berger (played by Jack Linvington) that a real New Yorker would never wear a scruncy in public. This scene will absolutely never air this year, since, for some time now, scrunchies are making their comeback. More than an elastic which would be used to tie the hair, it is mainly worn to accessorize an outfit. Wear it loose on a high bun and you will be right on trend.

Square toe shoes

Original and definitely vintage, square-toed shoes are inspired by the 70’s and 2000’s. They are found particularly on boots and heeled sandals. So you can wear it this winter but also this summer.


The beret, so Parisian ! This piece, which can still be found in souvenir shops in Paris, can be found in department stores and on everyone’s head. No limit of sizes and colors, in wool or knitted, it gives a chic and retro look.

Bonus ! Some extra looks too cool not to show them to you.


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