What I wore in october : fall vintage look part 1

Fashion / Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Like many of you, fall is my favorite season. The weather is refreshing, the crisp golden leaves are strewn on the ground, and I watch Gilmore Girls for the umpteenth time. It is also the period that I prefer in terms of fashion. I think the season is really great for having fun with your clothes. So I had the idea to share with you some outfits that I wore during the month of October. And I hope to continue with this series of articles every month.

This year in Paris, the weather has been very mild and temperatures higher than usual. My outfits were therefore rather light than usual at this time.

Look 1 : Floral 90’s dress and masculine denim jacket

As the temperature was still high enough in Paris for the season, I took the opportunity to wear once again this long floral dress. I paired it with a denim jacket mottled in the men’s section of a Parisian second-hand shop. Light, casual, colorful!


Look 2 : Vintage blue kimono

I also found this kimono in a thrift shop. It’s a real kimono made in Japan. It was sold without his belt. I wear it like a jacket. The embroidery on the back is absolutely beautiful : A mixture of red and gold threads in relief. The only problem, it can only be dry washed.

Look 3 : Vintage blue dress and leather perfecto

This outfit mixes a simple vintage dress and a rock leather perfecto. I wear it with a Lancaster bag : the Betty, which mixes leather and suede with studded details.


Look 4 : Leopard faux fur jacket

This evening outfit consists of a small leopard fur jacket, a simple black t-shirt and a mini leatherette skirt. The leopard print is the trend that persists for a few years and I like it a lot. Finally, the small vintage bag accompanies the whole.


Look 5 : Vintage overall and leather perfecto

I have put this burgundy jumpsuit on a simple black turtleneck t-shirt, and wore my eternal perfecto. Very casual and comfortable. I added a touch of fantasy with the vintage velvet bag, with embroideries.


What do you think about my outfits ? Tell me in the comments section.

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